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  • Fugazi to reform, release best-of, and tour with new line-up

    Fugazi to reform, release best-of, and tour with new line-up

    With At The Drive-In and even Refused recently announcing reunion performances, it was enough to ignite hope of a reunion in the hearts of long-suffering Fugazi fans. But now the band is finally coming off ‘indefinite hiatus’, I’m not sure it’s what I wanted…

  • This is why I’m deaf and blind

    CONTAINS STROBING I don’t know what you did at Christmas this year and you could argue – quite rightly – that it’s none of my business. But here’s what I did: I cut together a load of video footage I’d shot of great bands throughout 2007. What I did next was completely fail to publish […]

  • Single Frame interview

    Hey! Have you heard? Single Frame have gone digital! If that means nothing to you, then you’ve pointed your browser at the right website. Let me explain: Single Frame are a very good band from Austin, Texas who at the time of writing have been active for around eight years. Their diverse creative palette merges energetic, synth-riddled indie rock with less lazily definable sonic experimentations. Saying they’re a bit like Xiu Xiu channeling post-hardcore probably won’t be much help, but if those words don’t render you completely bewildered, they might at least point you in the right direction. Sadly it’s fair to say Single Frame haven’t reached the level of recognition here in the UK that they deserve. This could have a lot to do with the general unavailability of their records in our highstreet entertainment chains, but now, thanks to this new thing scientists are calling ‘the internet’, distribution shouldn’t be such a problem. SFepIn what’s becoming an increasingly familiar story, Single Frame have parted ways with their label to return to their (not inconsiderable) DIY roots, self-releasing the new and imaginatively titled SFep as an iTunes Plus download – along with, at 50 units, a very small run of limited edition CDs. iTunes Plus is of course Apple’s vaguely insulting new iTunes Store ‘innovation’, the ‘plus’ being that the MP3s are encoded at a higher quality than the regular store and provided DRM-free – surely as it should have been in the first place. But this does mean reasonable pricing and international availability, and now wherever we are, we can all enjoy a little bit of the Single Frame musical action-pie. So I bought that EP from iTunes, and I loved it. Then I thought “I really don’t know anything much about this band”, and then I thought “maybe I’ll ask them some questions” and then I did and they responded and now I invite you to listen to the EP and read what I asked and see what they said.

  • What we all want: a new Gang of Four album?

    Well here it comes: according to bassist Dave Allen, there’s a new all-digital Gang of Four album in the works. If I had to point the finger at just one, I’d say that Gang of Four’s first release Entertainment! is possibly my favourite album ever, and the follow-ups Solid Gold and companion EP Another Day, […]

  • Gay Against You at The Good Ship

    Gay Against You at The Good Ship on Vimeo As you can see from the video, Glasgow-based electronic two-piece Gay Against You know how to make an impression. Granted, their music sometimes makes me feel a bit queasy, but that’s all part of the experience. Probably. My band, Hundreds, Tens & Units, had the privilege […]

  • Les Savy Fav and cLOUDDEAD at All Tomorrow’s Parties

    The physics of a bicycle. Isn’t it remarkable?

  • Better Weird Than Dead

    Naomi Scott has launched her new London-based antifolk record label, Better Weird Than Dead.

  • The Chap: Courage + Modesty

    The Chap: playing proper songs for real folk.

  • Save our Spitz!

    The Spitz is going to be evicted by its evil landlords! So you should sign the highly intimidating online petition. That’ll show ’em.

  • BARR at the Luminaire

    BARR is back. And he’s multiplied!