BARR at the Luminaire

BARR @ Upset The Rhythm on Vimeo

Last time I saw BARR, at last year’s Upset The Rhythm-curated Frieze Music event, he was one faintly irritating – but very entertaining – man and a lo-fi backing track.

But now BARR have gone and done a Why? and returned to the UK as a full band. And they’re great. I mean, BARR is never going to be to everyone’s taste, but whereas before his music/performance could veer toward the self-indulgent (as I suppose all solo artists must be to some extent), now all that is tempered by his “team”. He’s got friends to interact with, he’s more comfortable on stage and his unique vocals are engaging, not irritating.

If you’d like a chance to marvel at Brendan’s unnerving flexibility and feel happy and not at all annoyed like you originally suspected you might, BARR are touring the UK right now and will be back in London on the 26th.

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