The Chap: Courage + Modesty

The Chap: Courage + Modesty on Vimeo

London’s The Chap played to a packed-out Buffalo Bar on Friday night in support of Thee More Shallows. As the video above demonstrates, the venue was full of Talky McBastards and Inconsiderate Tall People, which I think slightly perturbed the immensley talented SJ Esau who opened.

But The Chap are hugely accomplished and I suspect most people were there to see them. They’re my favourite local group and I’ve seen them play many times: playfully experimental and ocassionally willfully obtuse but always a great deal of fun. Plus they’ve upped the number of harmonies and tongue in cheek dance moves since I first saw them in 2005, and that can only be a good thing. It’s just a shame we have to wait until the end of the year for their new album. And why the hell aren’t they massive yet? I blame everyone else.

Like the sound of ’em? Watch The Chap play Woop Woop on Vimeo and then friend them up on MySpace.

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