Save our Spitz!

Well it looks as though the rumours were trueThe Spitz is definitely in danger of eviction:

The facts are that The Spitz has been given six months notice to quit its current site in Old Spitalfields Market by its landlords Ballymore Properties. This means in a worst case scenario The Spitz would cease to exist by the end of September this year.

I’m never sure how much good online petitions really do, but I’ve signed the one in support of The Spitz just in case, and you should too, even if you’re not sure what The Spitz is or what this is that you’re reading and you’re totally dead and hollow inside like the dried out innards of a worm-ridden treetrunk. You utter bastard.

Also, I am pleased that even Ken Livingstone is outraged at its closure. But couldn’t you, like, send some heavies from the Mayor’s office round to Ballymore Properties Ken? To rough them up a bit? Or perhaps you’ll adopt a more subtle approach and price them out of the capital by banning them from using Oyster cards (this is clever London satire BTW).

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