Throttling has occurred


If you’re anything like me, every day you wake up and shout into the sky: “why hasn’t someone made a giant online archive of comic book frames featuring people being strangled, squeezed and generally held a little too tightly for comfort in the neckular region?”.

And the following day – and therefore also every day – you realise you are shouting into emptiness and you are overwhelmed by the futility of your fruitless existence. Well, not this time. Because my associates responsbile for the hilarious and enigmatic Goaste have just launched Throttling:

Hopefully, in time, every throttle in the world will be recorded here, for your throttling pleasure, and for ours, and every neck in the world will be crushed by our fingers as we throttle and scream and laugh and throttle some more.

And now all our lives can be complete.

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