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  • 12 Things I Think I Learned at SXSE London

    12 Things I Think I Learned at SXSE London

    On Tuesday 3rd July 2012, as grey sheets of summer drizzle swept gently over the Thames, a group of web enthusiasts assembled nearby at London’s first robot pub to examine how the ‘information revolution’ is already shaping our future. The event was called South By South East London, rumored to have been organised in just […]

  • The website that wasn’t

    Once upon a time I had a website. This blog that you’re reading right now was on it. My amalgamated web presence was on it. I fed my tumblog through it. And all was well. Then, on approximately Friday, 10th June, this happened: And it wasn’t because I had decided to capitalise on my site’s […]

  • #bbcpop: Think Before You Grief

    As you may or may not know, I work at the BBC as part of a team producing the Comedy website. I’m writing this as a personal response to the many people on Twitter asking what the #bbcpop hashtag was all about. Last night, we hosted an event in London as part of Internet Week […]

  • Facebook’s bad vibes

    Still using Facebook? Loser. All the cool kids have either been BANNED or quit in disgust. Facebook could be about to become this year’s MySpace (remember MySpace?). The relaunch of Netvibes with the new Ginger feature set has seen the customisable ‘start page’ build the familiar elments that comprise its RSS-feed aggregating, drag-and-drop widget house […]